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Stop promoting Ajib the bear at POD Chocolate Factory and Cafe

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Ajib is a 12 year old Sumatran sun bear. Her baby Marsha, is 3 months old. Almost every day Ajib has to work, giving hugs to tourists. She exhibits signs of psychological damage, but unsuspecting Western tourists think she’s healthy and pay to pose with her.

After work, Ajib is confined in a small cage, narrow and dark.

Yet there are several TripAdvisor pages “promoting” Ajib at POD Chocolate Factory and Cafe:

Positive reviews by TripAdvisor legitimises this attraction and ensures continuing demand for Ajib!

Allowing tourists to interact with these bears is dangerous; it is stressful for the bears and increases the risk that they will retaliate by biting or scratching tourists! Tourists do not know how to handle wild animals. Tourists have been killed or seriously injured during these interactions.

Placing these bears in such unnatural situations cause them psychological distress, apparent in behaviours such as ‘paw sucking’ which is a coping mechanism when they feel stress.

We are strongly opposed to such animal interaction sessions, and the exploitation of animals in this way. In recent months, there has been mounting media coverage and exposés of the inadequate care and treatment of animals in Indonesian zoos and safari parks. The abusive treatment of animals used as photo props at these facilities is unacceptable, given the techniques used to control these animals, and the significant risk to public safety as a result.

We appeal to you to join the growing international movement against the use and abuse of animals in public interaction sessions, and to take action to put an end to such activities.

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