Remove Action Bronson from Trinity College’s Spring Weekend Concert

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1,000 Signatures in Under 24 Hours!

Thank you everyone who contributed to this petition by signing, commenting, and sharing! The administration and Barnyard are definitely feeling the pressure to cancel Action Bronson. The petition getting over 1,000 signatures in under 24 hours is proof that Trinity College made a mistake in bringing an artist that threatens the safety of students on campus and the reputation of the College. Students at Trinity are speaking up against a system of artist selection with no accountability to the student body, a College that thinks it's acceptable to spend tuition money on an exclusionary Spring Weekend, and an artist that has contributed to a culture of violence against women with his songs, videos, performances, and social media presence. However, it's not just Trinity students who signed the petition. Some supporters are alumni, who in some cases are refusing to donate if Trinity brings Action Bronson to campus. Some are Hartford residents who are embarrassed by the climate of our publicly-accessible campus. Some are parents and family members of current students concerned about the safety of women and minorities at Trinity. Some are students from other colleges who want to show solidarity with victims of sexual assault. The Action Bronson issue is obviously indicative of larger problems related to sexual assault, accountability, and safety at Trinity College. This petition has already been taught and analyzed in classes at Trinity within the 24 hours it's been up. We hope that it is successful in contributing to these larger conversations, and ultimately successful in its goal of cancelling Action Bronson's Spring Weekend Performance. Thank you!

Students of Trinity College
5 years ago