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Combat Racism in All Its Forms at Trinity- Academic Leave for Professor Johnny Williams.

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Professor Johnny Eric Williams has established a landmark moment for Trinity College by resorting to language and tactics that challenge the ethical norms of the school.

On Facebook, Professor Williams appealed to the arguments of a blogger who resorts to the anti-academic practice of violence, and secondly, he has adopted in his own comments a tone of vehemence and profanity while wishing the downfall of an entire race by referring to white people as "inhuman" and thereby calling the safety of a large demographic of students into question. This constitutes a breach of contract by means of conduct unbecoming and absolutely requires a careful investigation into his eligibility to continue as Professor at Trinity College.

Any thriving institution preserves and maintains its success through the thoughtful expression of opposing viewpoints. These viewpoints however, have nothing to do with the orator, but rather to do with the nature of the statements themselves. Faculty are esteemed and selected, not for who they are, but for what they say. Admittedly, people from different backgrounds can provide a viewpoint that is unique or that has gone otherwise unperceived, and this diversity of thought must be cherished and nurtured. However, the issue arises when individuals, especially faculty, resort to language that not only fails to present a rational argument, but when they even go so far as to subvert the power of language by subjecting it to the venomous hatred demonstrated by the expression of profanity and racial insult as exhibited by the writer for whom Professor Williams serves as advocate.

Trinity is not against the expression of challenging points of view; it is rather diametrically opposed to the employment of individuals who do not share a commitment to dialectic and who instead choose to shut it down with use of racial diatribe and explicit appeals to violence that might only serve to detract from whatever arguments the author intended to convey.

Trinity was founded in 1823, and to this date, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone, engaged as employee of this school, who, when charged with the incredible responsibility of demonstrating the power of argument, sought to dislodge their opponent with the sheer vigor of hatred and venom.  Regardless of who Professor Williams considers his opponent in this polemic, Trinity College is an environment for learning, not faculty mandated political activism. 

As students and graduates of Trinity College, were are not so much offended by Professor Williams as were are wholly and entirely unimpressed with his commitment to the liberal arts. His childish appeals to emotion negate whatever authority he may have previously acquired and render him unfit to represent our Alma Mater.

By signing this petition, we demand of Trinity College's President, and Board of Trustees, that Professor Williams be sent on administrative leave immediately, pending further investigation of his conduct.  


A Group of Trinity Students and Alumni.


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