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Accept the Smith Plan for Social Reform - An Alternative to the Jones Plan

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Trinity College’s administration and trustees are failing in their core mission. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fact that when President James “Jimmy” Jones took over Trinity College in 2004, the school was among the top 25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges, and 9th among the nation’s most selective Liberal Arts Colleges according to US News and World Report. This year, Trinity College has fallen again and now ranks 38th according to US News and 89th according to Forbes, behind schools such as: Harvey Mudd College, Wabash College and Kalamazoo College.


A summary of the Smith Plan is as follows:

1. Women have never had equal access to their own distinctive social opportunities on the Trinity campus. We should, therefore, expand the Sororities from 2 to 12. The administration should help sororities, including Kappa Kappa Gamma, to have equally attractive housing options as the existing and proposed fraternity houses – location and facilities.
2. Expand the Fraternities from 7 to 12
3. Require the traditional pairing and partnering of Fraternities and Sororities with mandates that they combine social activities. This would accomplish the co-ed mandate without the Sororities being cut off by their national associations. 
4. With memberships of 40 per house this expansion would provide access to almost half the student body and cut into the argument about unnecessary exclusivity.
5. To further the limitation of exclusivity, most shared social events would have to be open to the campus.
6. Strict monitoring of individual and house GPA’s should be required, with mandatory penalties for failure to meet minimum standards. Individuals would face expulsion from the house, and entire houses would be closed for a year with the loss of one year’s recruiting class. The same penalties would apply to significant misbehavior. 
7. Funding for the new houses would have to come from students, parents, alums and national organizations. 
8. One fraternity on campus now already has a national coed policy since the 1960’s. Outreach to national Greek organizations should include the priority of recruiting co-ed Greek organizations that are able to garner student interest.
9. Hazing and the extended pledging seasons that now exist would be abolished, with severe penalties for attempts to circumvent this policy. National fraternity and sororities should be required to have and help enforce these policies.
10. Alumni/ae counsels for each house should be required, thereby providing active adult supervision and legal responsibility. There should also be at least one, ideally more, faculty sponsor for each house.

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