Trinidadian Sam Mendes, make a film in Trinidad & Tobago

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Sam Mendes recently won the Golden Globe award for Best Director, for his film '1917'. In his speech, Sam dedicates the win to his Trinbagonian grandfather, Alfred Hubert Mendes, novelist, short-story writer and World War 1 veteran. Sam is best known for 'American Beauty', his directorial debut which won both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for best director. Others know him for the James Bond films 'Skyfall' and 'Spectre'.

Trinidadian filmmakers and actors have been working diligently to make films reach an international level; but it's more difficult here as we are quite cut off from the rest of the film industry, also making it difficult to gain international representation, thus leaving wold-class talent unrecognized. Additionally, there is not much financial support without an international celebrity attached to a project. We Trinidadians have so many stories to tell that can only be told by Caribbean people living here. We have so much talent to share but we need just one opportunity to break into the international industry. Sam Mendes is one of the most talented Trinidadian creatives we have out in the world right now but he has never come home to make a film. We want to remind him that there is something special here that has not yet been tapped in to! We are asking Mr. Mendes to share his talents with locals, collaborate with some of our talent living and working in the Caribbean so that we can have a future in the international industry! Please help us get Sam's attention! Share with every Trinidadian and everyone else to help get the message to him.