Reinstate Extracurricular Activities for Students in TLDSB Immediately

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As a concerned community member of the TLDSB (Trillium Lakelands District School Board) I am extremely disappointed with the lack of care that the TLDSB and its members have for students that are affected by the cancellation of extracurricular activities. Regardless of what you believe is the proper solution to the ongoing dispute between the province and teachers’ unions, we can all agree that students should, as always, be the main focus of attention in the educational system. Sadly, what can be concluded through the recent actions of the TLDSB is that members of the TLDSB are selfishly acting in their own interests, and are using students as pawns to reach an agreement with the province. 

If the TLDSB truly believes that the province is hurting students, as is cited to be the reason for the cancellation of extracurricular activities, why would the TLDSB then turn around and make a decision that directly impacts the wellbeing of students. The blatant hypocrisy of the TLDSB is shown through their decision to limit the positivity and growth that students achieve through extracurricular activities, by taking those meaningful experiences away. The approach that the TLDSB is taking is a disturbing one, using a ‘give us want we want, or else’ attitude of blackmail is not respectable, especially when it is being used to punish students.

Let us not forget the importance of extracurricular activities. Whether it be a sports team, an arts club, the Gay-Straight Alliance, or any of the endless groups that students can create or take part in, they are all integral to the well-being of students. These groups give students confidence and help nurture skills that are essential to have post-graduation, which are skills such as communication, teamwork, and perseverance. Extracurricular activities are inclusive to all students, as school clubs and teams allow students to have a choice in what they would like to participate in, so that students can have positive involvement within a community. 

No matter how a child is struggling, whether it be an issue at home, school, or any personal matter, we all are unified in the belief that children should have positive outlets in their lives.

If you support the importance of extracurricular activities, please sign the petition to reinstate extracurricular activities in TLDSB. 

Thank you.