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Take this dog-lethal ingredient out of your products.

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When my friend's dog got sick, she had no idea what could be wrong. The dog threw up for hours before the evidence finally came up: the wrapper to a piece of Trident gum. Luckily, my friend knew right away what the problem was. Trident gum contains a low-calorie sugar substitute called xylitol. Xylitol is 100 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate. She rushed her dog to the vet just in time, but they almost didn’t make it. More and more brands are using xylitol to replace sugar in their food products. Although it seems to be relatively safe for humans, it can be life-threatening to dogs. Unfortunately, people don’t always throw their gum in the trash, and if your dog gets a hold of it, the slightest amount can mean death. Please join me in calling on Trident to lead the way in removing xylitol from its products. Accidental dog poisoning is on the rise in the U.S, and xylitol is a major culprit.There have been nearly 3,000 xylitol-related calls to the Pet Poison Helpline this year alone; in 2009, there were 300.The day my friend brought her dog into the vet, a Great Dane was there with the same symptoms. Sadly, he didn’t make it. And it’s not just gum. There are other products -- some peanut butters, toothpastes, yogurts, cookies and more -- that contain xylitol. Any dog owner knows that dogs can find their way into food that is not meant for them. Dog owners like my friend know too well the tragedy that can come when that food contains xylitol. Please help me call on Trident to do the responsible thing, and discontinue the use of xylitol in its products. It may be safe for humans, but it is deadly for man’s best friend.

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