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Please allow doctors to correct the deformities and discomfort of children who have plagiocephaly and Torticollis with first the use of a Cranial helmet and then if need invasive surgery.

This is import to my family because we have 4 month old twins Noah and Scarlett who are suffering from plagiocephaly and torticollis. Tricare has approved them for physical therapy for the torticollis but refuse to cover the cranial helmet that will non-invasivlly correct the deformaty that is causing thier problems. To see my babies suffer everyday from thier condition is heart breaking.Not ony are my children suffering but  so are many other children who are on Tricare with active duty parents.Tricare will only cover the cranial helmet after invasive surgey is done.I do not want to have to put my babies tiny little bodies through invasive surgery if all they need is a corrective helmet that will solve thier problem in as little as 8 weeks.If your child is diagnosed by a medical professional Tricare should treat the problem that is diagnosed not deny babies coverage. There are long term affects with untreated plagiocephaly and torticollis early intervention and treament is essential.Plagiocephaly not only deforms the skull but disaligns the ears, eyes and jaw line possiby leading to scoloiosis. With the invasive surgery costing thousands of dollars compared to the non-invasive cranial helmets that cost as little as 2,000 there really is no reason to put a tiny baby through the surgery.Denying them non-invasive coverage to correct thier mediacally diagnosed problem is just wrong.Please join me in this petition so that we can have our voices heard and our chidren treated.

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