TriCare: Cover cranial helmets for babies who need them

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My Granddaughter Addison Kay, a twin was born August 18, 2018. She had spent most of her last month stuck in the birth canal as her Sister pushed down on her. About 2 weeks after her birth we noticed that something wasn't right with the shape of her head.

Her Pediatrician diagnosed her with Torticolus and ordered weekly physical therapy to try and help her get full range of motion from her neck muscles.

After months of grueling physical therapy Addison was revered to Boston Orthodics in Annapolis where she was then diagnosed with Plagiocephaly, a condition that causes the back of the skull to flatten in some spots and bulge in others.

Her Parents were thrilled to learn that this condition could be fixed with a cranial helmet and that surgery would not be necessary. The Family then turned to their insurance TriCare Humana Military as My Son in Law is a Marine, only to find that the helmet would not be paid for unless my Granddaughter underwent surgery and still had a flat head.

The helmet is a non invasive way to treat this condition and cost $2000 to manufacture while the surgery runs in the tens of thousands, is invasive and only has a 60 percent success rate. In the 90's the back to sleep movement did wonders in reducing the number of SIDS cases nation wide but it also left over 70% of children with some form of plagiocephaly.

In most cases it was mild and Children out grew the symptoms but for others like my Granddaughter, a helmet is needed.

We are hoping that enough people stand with us, we can get TriCare to change it's policy and make this a covered or even partially covered expense. Our Military families already live on minimum pay and having to pay $2000 out of pocket is a disgrace.