International solidarity to S. I. Cobas workers and militants!

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Simone, Eleonora, Karim, Pietro, Camara and Marian risk to be banished from Bologna because of their union engagement. This is a highly repressive punishment that the local Tribunal might put forward in the next few days. These “precautionary measures” might be made because of the strikes for dignity and rights organised at the end of 2018 at Logesta SpA, a multinational tobacco company. This company heavily relies on outsourced labour and kept on changing contractors - making workers’ lives highly precarious and vulnerable. Here, S. I. Cobas workers consist of 80% of the entire workforce. While the company did not recognise the workers’ union and demands to keep their jobs, it kept negotiating only with mainstream unions. At the same time, police officers were sent to break strikes and picket-lines. Although workers and militants’ protests mostly consisted of sitting in front of the warehouse, police officers were ordered to attack protestors anyway.

Here a link to an article and video of an Italian national newspaper on these violent attacks:

Thanks to these struggles, S. I. Cobas workers at Logesta SpA kept their jobs and got the recognition of their union, but still the militants and workers that took part in these struggles now risk being banned from Bologna. This case is not the first repressive action against S. I. Cobas. Their victories and determination have been continuously under attack. Workers and militants that took part to the struggle at Italpizza might face the same type of punishment.  In the same way, 87 workers and militants are still on trial, and only recently Aldo Milani – the national coordinator -  has been fully acquitted from the baseless accusation of extortion. Then, the repressive punishment that Simone, Karim, Eleonora, Pietro, Camara and Marian might face is one of these severe governmental attempts to repress labour and social movements!

 Nevertheless, the struggles for dignity will not stop. Workers and militants will keep their head straight and won’t be intimidated. Are you wondering how to show your support? Sign this petition!

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