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First Nation Health matters in the Mushkegowuk Territory.

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We, the People of the Mushkegowuk Territory request changes be made to enhance health care delivery to the Mushkegowuk region.

  • Increase services to facilitate better health care coverage by adding more MD coastal visits, Dental Services, and Mental Health care services as outlined in the contract agreements.
  • Request that the Mayor of Moosonee and board members, Chief and council from Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Fort Albany and representatives from Moose Cree First Nations, Mocreebec, and WAHA Board of Directors remove those members who have overstayed their terms as outlined in the WAHA bylaws. We ask that new members be appointed to serve the best interest of the people. 
  • Demand that Leo Loone -Chairman of the Board, CEO Bernie Schmidt, and Chief of Staff Gordon Green be removed from the WAHA Organization as they have proven to be detrimental factors in the way health care is delivered to the people. 
  • Request a Forensic audit to be completed and made public so each community can view how much dollars are being utilized on Olser Lawyers to silence the voice/get rid of MD John Waddell. Money that is being diverted from the people to which it is meant for. 
  • Request  that the Board of Directors reverse their decision to revoke the privileges of Dr John Waddell at WAHA as recommended by the Medical Advisory Committee. 

As Aboriginal people who receive substandard medical services, we value medical doctors who are committed to the health of their patients, no matter what social stratification or ethnicity they originate from.
Dr John Waddell did not shy away to critique lack of services or medical misconducts that are swept under the carpet for political or power reasons.
As patients, we expect commitment to our health that goes beyond political or economical factors, seeking possibilities rather than empathizing political or racial impossibilities.
Dr John Waddell is person with such commitment. We ask the administration of WAHA to evaluate their medical staff, both past and present on their medical abilities and not to silence a critique who altogether argues from a medical, not a political perspective.
We need medical doctors who are committed to healing the sick rather than defend the status quo that disadvantages Native people. 

Please sign and share if your in agreement with this petition and want change! We are the voice. 

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