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Tri-Mas CEO, Dave Wathen: Save Our Community, Keep Our Jobs

On Nov. 21, 2012, Tri-Mas informed 450 of it's employees that it would close its Goshen, Indiana plant. Cequent Performance had record sales this year and in 2011 netted more than $30 million dollars. Outsourcing the work to Mexico will damage our families, our communites, and the future of Amercian manufacturing.

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Tri-Mas CEO Dave Wathen
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Save Our Community, Keep Our Jobs - Cequent, Tri-Mas' decsion to outsource the work from Cequent Perfomance Products and send it to Reynosa, Mexico is not only a violation of the USW 9550-Cequent labor agreement but a disservice to the employees and the community that made Cequent a success. According to your own quaterly reports, sales are brisk and the future looks bright for Cequent. Evdently, that is not enough and the need for more has outweighed any loyalty to the U.S. and to American taxpayers of Goshen that assisted in paying for the equipment used to make hitches by supporting Cequent with a tax abatement.
We believe in loyalty to our community, our families and the Company. Some of the employees at Cequent have worked at the Goshen facilities for decades and we would hope to continue doing so.
Tri-Mas' decsion and it's cruel decision to announce the outsourcing on the day before Thansgiving show no loyalty to your employees or the Community. However, this can be rectified. Stay in Goshen, keep it made in Ameica, save our jobs and a community. It's in your hands to do it.

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