See the return of Clan Wars and a companion app within Call of Duty Black Ops 4

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It has been roughly three years since Call of Duty has implemented much of anything for the clans that used to be so prevalent back in the days of Cod Ghosts Modern Warfare 3 Black Ops 2 and Advances Warfare. During these games, there were many features that were implemented to keep players engaged through playing for certain objectives and rewards. The 2 main clan based features were Cod Elite and Clan wars. However, Clan Wars seemed to be much more rewarding than cod elite and provided more consistent clan activities AKA clan wars. Not only that, but these clan wars kept the community engaged throughout the life cycle of Cod Ghosts and Advanced Warfare by constantly giving clans something to do and play for. But, ever since Beachhead Studios, the maker of clan wars and the call of duty companion app, whent out of business, neither of these have made a return since Advanced Warfare, and as a result, some players seem to get bored with just normal play throughout the year/cycle. From personal experience with these clan wars however, the clan I would play with would normally have much more fun when we would compete in a close clan war against another clan or two who would keep it a 10 capture point war untill the end of the 2-4 day period when the war ended. Ultimately, the revival/return of both the companion app and Clan Wars, even if it isnt thtough a separate company, would drastically increase the life cycle of Black Ops 4 and future cod games, as well as make the game much more fun and rewarding, especially if there are exclusive rewards for winning clan wars and completing certain tasks in said clan wars. Treyarch, please bring back clan wars and a Call of Duty Companion App in Black Ops 4!