Justice and explanation for not casting James C. Burns as Frank Woods

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The gaming community is seeking answers from the game developers of the popular game Call Of Duty. The lack of explanations for not keeping the original voice actor (James C. Burns) as the iconic character of the series (Frank Woods) has created outrage within game enthusiasts.

Although the developers of the game are within their legal right to cast and direct their game as they see fit, the act itself seems unfair for fans of the game but most importantly, unfair for James C. Burns. Mr. Burns has built his career around his work as Frank Woods and he has devoted himself professionally to proudly promoting his work in the series by creating several accounts on the most popular social media platforms, eventually gathering him a considerable fan base. The main grievance of this petition is simple: Not casting James C. Burns and not providing an explanation to him is unfair to Mr. Burns and it is unfair to fans of Call of Duty. The success of the game series is proof that the past castings have been a good choice. Omitting James C. Burns from the latest game in the series diminishes the nostalgic value that, as fans, we attach to games; It also undermines the hard work of a devoted voice actor and negatively affects his work on several platforms without even the slightest explanation.

Be Fair... It would not have hurt the game in any way to keep James C. Burns as Frank Woods. Make the change before the release of the game.