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Make BLS Certification a Requirement To Apply for A Firearm License

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On October 1st of 2017, a previously unassuming man named Stephen Paddock opened fire into a crowded concert from the 38th floor of a high-rise hotel in Las Vegas. For the next thirty minutes, he would kill 59 people and seriously wound another 546.

How do you we fix the issue of ineffective background checks within the confines of the laws that we already have?

What measures can be taken that neither take away from the existing rights provided by the Second Amendment, thereby diffusing much of the argument surrounding increased gun regulations?

In situations like this, the gun lobby likes the oft repeated phrase, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”. But what if more of those "good guys" were also trained how to stop bleedingopen an airway and keep a victim from going into shock? Could more have been saved in places like Las Vegas? Shouldn't we demand that the skills and knowledge to save a life accompany the responsibility and power to take one? 

To that end, I propose a new tack on our current policy of firearm licensing regulations, a shift from attempting to drastically limit licenses to simply adding a vital step in the application process: an approved Basic Life Support class and associated certification needs to be a requirement to apply for any firearm license.

While criminal background checks do an adequate job of finding major disqualifying legal factors amongst applicants, they do not directly speak to the mental or physical fitness someone may possess to own and operate a firearm. BLS classes are, by regulation, taught only by registered medical professionals who’ve undergone extensive training in assessing individuals for potentially dangerous behavior. In conjunction with standard law enforcement checks and the added time and expense it takes to complete this requirement before applying, this is a solid measure to identify and weed out those who should not be allowed to purchase or own a firearm!

This policy change would not take away from our existing Second Amendment rights but merely uphold our duty to foster everyone's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please sign this petition now and let our lawmakers know that we will not allow lobbyists to place greed shrouded in the Constitution over the lives of our fellow citizens! Demand action now! 

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