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Demand congress investigate George Soros for intervention in th out come of th US Election

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George Soros a mega billionaire whom has strong political ties with members of the US Government (which can be easily proven by a simple internet search). Mr. Soros is also wanted in Russian for currency manipulation, therefore we believe Mr. Soros is attempting to use his resources and political connections to interfere with the outcome of the elections due to him being afraid he will be extradited to Russia for trial. 

Therefore we demand an independent congressional and the Judicial Branch investigation into George Soros, of 136 Cantitoe St. Katonah, NY 10536-3804, for acts of sedition against the United States for his involvement/inference and attempt to change the outcome of the 2016 presidential election as determined on Nov 8, 2016, in which Donald Trump won the electoral vote. The team of congressional investigators shall be composed of individuals who have no ties to Mr. Soros as determined by an independent private investigation firm on contract with the US Government and overseen by Rep Trey Gowdy with absolute zero federal government interference other than by Mr. Gowdy.  Rep Trey Gowdy will also head up/oversee the investigation into Mr. Soros and member of congress who are collaborating with Mr. Soros in his efforts. George Soros who directly funds has been responsible for sponsoring several protest in the US that have turned violent and he keep funding them after they turned violet which signifies and attempt to violently alter the presidential results. George Soros is also responsible for attempting to influence the Electoral College to change their vote by offering them free legal services through Larry Lessig, Harvard Law Professor, who is a political activist. Through, Larry, George has also offered to pay all fines imposed on the Electoral College members if they change their vote. George Soros has also been linked to the overthrow of other democrat elected governments such as Ukraine. We the people feel that Mr. Soros motives for alternating the US elections are due to the fact that Mr. Soros in wanted in Russian for crimes of manipulating currency and he fears extradition to Russian for prosecution. Mr. Soros has relations with several ranking members of congress to include (simple internet search to show possible connections) John McCanin, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Gram, Jack Lankford, Bob corker, Michael McCaul, Rand Paul, Cory Gardner, Nacy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren to name a few. The independent investigation team will need to determine the direct links of all congress persons for exclusion. Upon final review and verdict all members of congress who are involved in this scheme to help Mr. Soros shall be impeached!  

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