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Trevor's Law - Create a national registry for convicted child abusers and killers.

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Trevor was a healthy happy little boy when his precious life was taken at only 18 months old. It seemed like an ordinary day, as Trevor danced in the living room to Barney. Shortly after lunch, my boyfriend and I decided to lay him down for a nap, as we had afternoon plans and wanted him to finish his nap before we left. He carried Trevor to lay him down, while I made a sippy cup for him to go to sleep with. I met him in the hallway and he carried the cup back to Trevor. We sat together in the living room for about 30 minutes, and when he got up and headed down the hallway towards the bathroom, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Only moments later, I heard him scream “What’s wrong with him”. I yelled Trevor’s name and ran towards him. He was holding my precious baby up in his arms, and around Trevor’s mouth and eyes was blue. We both performed CPR and I called 911.

Trevor spent 8 days on life support, before being declared brain dead on September 26th, 1996. Trevor died of blunt force trauma to his head, which caused swelling around his brain.

Trevor’s killer, the man that Trevor called Daddy, later pleaded guilty to second degree murder and served just under 14 years before being released on May 25, 2010. He never said exactly what he did to my precious little boy, nor do I think I want to know. The only statement that he made to law enforcement was "maybe I spanked him too hard". Living with Trevor's loss has been hard enough…to know the details of his murder would be more than I could take.

What is clear is that Trevor's killer was let out on the streets to abuse and kill again, and he could be living in your neighborhood, or mine. When I approached law enforcement about this, I was told that "he had served his time, and was free to live his life." I agree, he served the time that he was given, and he is free to live his life, I don't like it, but I understand this is how the judicial system works. However, what I don't agree with is that him "being free to live his life", means that children living around him may not be free to live theirs. Can we just accept this?!

If a child is sexually abused, the convicted's name will be entered into a national database. You will be able to know if they are living in your neighborhood, and you will be given the opportunity to keep your children safe from them.

However, if a child like Trevor is abused and/or killed, the convicted is free to walk the streets, live in your neighborhood, attend your church, babysit your children, coach your child's sports team, visit your child's favorite local hangouts, all while hiding his/her past.

Abuse is abuse, and a killer is a killer. We need to protect our children, and how can we do that if we don't know who we need to be protecting them from?

It shouldn't be up to the victims families to warn communities about a child killer or abuser living among them. We need a registry to do this. Why should a convicted killer and/or abuser be free to live their lives with no dark cloud over them, when their victims weren't given that opportunity.

I can't bring back my precious Trevor, but I can help keep other children from becoming victims as well. Please help me spread the word, so that we can create Trevor's Law. Sign this petition, tell your friends and family to sign it. Contact lawmakers on Trevor's behalf. Together we can make this country safer for all of our children.

September 26, 2016 was 20 years since my precious Trevor was murdered. Please help us spread the word about Trevor's Law, to create a national registry for convicted child abusers and killers, so that Trevor's life and death can help save the lives of children everywhere.

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When I set out to work towards Trevor's Law, I had one goal in mind. That goal was to make people aware of the identity of Trevor's killer, and others like him, in the hopes of saving another childs life. It is awful that these killers are able to serve their time and then get out of jail, free to live their own lives, a choice they never gave their victims, but it is the way this world works. I don't like this, no, I despise this part of our justice system, but I have no choice but to live with it. I can however, help make innocent people aware of the animals that are living in their communities. For the record, it is not double jeopardy or slander, as some have stated, it is simply stating facts, as the court documents indicate.

So, with my update....It has been brought to my attention that because of my sharing Trevor's story, a family member of Trevor's killers new wife, found out the real reason that "he" had served 14 years in prison, details that until reading my page, they had not been made privy to. I was contacted by them, and thanked for sharing my precious little boys story. They contacted the biological father of "his" 7 step-children, to make him aware of what this monster had done, the same monster who had been living with his children for two years. He took their mother to court and won custody of all 7 children. Those are 7 children who will never have to face the fate that precious Trevor did, at the hands of a monster. "He" still has one child with her, but she chooses to stay with him, knowing his past. This is one child, that unfortunately I will not be able to help keep safe. I have been contacted by someone within the home, who I will protect by not mentioning their relationship, who has said that "he" is still very violent, a fact that I don't doubt at all. 

God Bless these 7 children that Trevor's story helped protect. I pray that the good Lord will also help protect their naive mother and her remaining child. I can only imagine the treatment that she is receiving at home, I've lived it, and I pray for her.

This is a perfect example of why I am fighting so hard for Trevor's Law.  This woman unknowingly entered into a relationship with a man who had served 14 years for murdering a child.  She had no idea, and why would she have.  Afterall, as it stands right now, convicted child killers who have served their time are not required to register or make the public aware in any way, of their horrible actions.  She had 7 children at the time she met "him", that's 7 potential victims for a convicted monster.  Please share Trevor's story and help change laws.  By my sharing Trevor's story, 7 lives have potentially been saved, and that makes all of the time I have spent and the tears that I have cried reliving my nightmare, worth it.  Now, lets set out together to save more lives.

God Bless.

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