Trevor Mallard Must Face Vote Of No Confidence

Trevor Mallard Must Face Vote Of No Confidence

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Why this petition matters

Started by Vaughan Winiata

Trevor Mallard is Speaker Of The House and our nation's 3rd highest public official, he also is not fit for purpose in this role.

This petition is calling on a Member Of Parliament to stand and do their duty and move for a Vote Of No Confidence in Mr Mallard.

Mr Mallard's latest debacle (issuing then withdrawing trespass notices) is yet another fiasco in a long and ugly track record of dictatorial, thuggish behaviour.

We're not talking about a schoolyard bully here, we're talking about the most powerful politician in the land after our Governor-General and Prime Minister. A few previous examples of Mr. Mallard's disgraceful behaviour are:-

Punching an opposition MP in the Parliament Lobby (2009)

Falsely accusing a Parliament staff member of Rape (2020) 

Spent $333,000 of taxpayer money defending the False Rape claim (2021)

Turning Lawn Sprinklers on Women and Children (2022)

Seriously folks, do you approve of this serial poor behaviour? The list of appalling conduct is blatant repeat offending, it's only a matter of time until the next fiasco. It's obvious Mr Mallard is not suitable to remain in his role as Speaker Of The House.

Mr Mallard may or may not be 'the enforcer' for the political party he belongs to, however, as Speaker Of The House, he is responsible and accountable to everyone, not just a political party. In this regard, Mr Mallard is not fulfilling his role as Speaker Of The House.

The evidence is clear that Mr Mallard is not capable of thinking and acting in an objective, considerate or compassionate manner. We would not tolerate this in the Private Sector, nor should we from a Public Servant whose wages are paid for by you and me, the taxpayer.

If Mr Mallard is deemed by our Prime Minister and Governor-General to be the Gold Standard of Leadership for our Nation, we are in very deep trouble. The behaviour of Mr Mallard proves he is out of control and power-drunk, therefore a Vote Of No Confidence is the best and most democratic way to clear the air once and for all. 

I sincerely hope that of our 120 Members of Parliament, there is at least one who will find the courage to stand and do their duty to move a Vote Of No Confidence. 

I close by thanking you for exercising your consideration and freedom of choice to support this Petition. 

Vaughan Winiata   

294 have signed. Let’s get to 500!