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DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper & is about to make history by setting the tone and standard for the treatment and disrespect of Black women across the globe.  A Managing City Editor's JOEY KULKIN for the DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper & gave the following answer to a 12 Year old African American's girls question concerning a modeling spread in their paper.  (Her Question) Why is there only 1 black model compared to the 22 white models, Is it that you dont think black women are beautiful?  And Mr. Kulkin's answer was "WE HATE BLACK WOMEN".  And to add insult to injury JOEY KULKIN (Managing City Editor) of DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba Trentonian Newspaper & states his answer was an “innocuous remark".  

We all know the devastation that a remark like this will trigger if not addressed.  This remark is worse than the Don Imus remark to the Rutgers Women Basketball team, he targeted a specific group of Black Women.  But DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper & and JOEY KULKIN spoke to the the entire RACE OF BLACK WOMEN!  

FEB 16TH 2012  KFI AM 640 suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the “John and Ken Show,” for “making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston,”  the hosts called the late African American woman and star singer a “CRACK HO” who was “cracked out for 20 years” and left looking like a “BAG LADY” after she “blew through” her fortune.  This too was and is isolated to one person but But JOEY KULKIN spoke to the entire RACE OF BLACK WOMEN! 

Those insensitive and racist remarks caused John Kobylt, Ken Chiampou and Don Imus’s employment to be suspended then terminated as a result.  Yet JOEY KULKIN (Managing City Editor) of DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper & goes unscathed hence the new standard for Racist/Feminist set by none other than DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper &

“Allowing JOEY KULKIN to continue at of DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper & sends one hell of a message not only to the citizens of Trenton but to every Black woman and person throughout the world that says, regardless what you do, how hard you try or no matter what your status in life is Black Women are to be HATED!   


Al sharpton -- Said Sharpton: “we cannot afford a precedent established that the airways (newspapers, magazines & .com’s) can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism."


Together, let's push back against JOEY KULKIN and John Paton of DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA dba TRENTONIAN Newspaper &’s agenda to set this type of standard for it’s employees and Media professionals.  It’s unacceptable.  JOEY KULKIN MUST GO!

We can't sit back while the media systemically sets a racial or sexist climate that denigrates any race or gender.  We cannot take this for granted nor view this as JOEY KULKIN does, as “innocuous“. 

Join me in as we fight to clean up this climate of blatant disrespect and  protect our families from this injection of media cancer and pollution.

These are high stakes and whether you are concerned about it or not it effects every living and breathing soul.  Together, we can make a difference.  

It's time for a change, it’s time we fight back, No 12 year old girl should have ever received such an answer.  It’s time WE THE PEOPLE set the standard not the MEDIA: let’s send them a message by calling for the resignation of Trentonian’s City Editor (Joey Kulkin) of the Trentonian Newspaper and who said "WE HATE BLACK WOMEN and a call for a higher stand of excellence as it pertains to how ALL people are to be addressed and treated. e cannot allow the media to send this type of message its readers and our children with the assumption that there is no consequence.

 We have no choice but to hold them accountable.  



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I just signed the following petition addressed to: DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA
dba Trentonian & calling for the Termination of one of their Managing City Editor JOEY KULKIN. because A 12 Year old girl asked her father why there was only 1 Black (African American ) Model in the Trenton Newspapers Page 6 Model Layout and. Her Father promised her he would contact the Newspaper and get an answer to her question and tried numerous times only to finally get this very shocking answer from the Managing City Editor of theTrentonian Newspaper (Joey Kulkin) "you're arguing about black women, or a lack thereof, for Page 6 girls. Yes, we hate black women.
"WE HATE BLACK WOMEN" was the painful, disrespectful yet damaging answer to a 12 Year old girl's question about the attached and above referenced pictorial layout.
Joey Kulkin must be terminated and public apology to all Women is Demanded!

Ellis Phelps to Joey Kulkin (Trentonian City Editor)
Hey Joey Kulkin you left me hangin and never answered my question. Let's try it again. this time please Tell the Citizens of Trenton why there are no Blacks on the Board of Trentonian and why on the's FB Page why there is only 1 African American Page 6 Model out of 22 in a city that is 80% African American. Is it that you all dont think that Black women are beautiful. You've ignored the question twice and so have but i'm getting inboxed often about this. It could turn into a full campaign and we give you our full undivided attention. Please answer for us or have your PR person address that with us.
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This same Editor told another African American Male to "Shut The F&%k Up!" in the same exchange for addressing him about what he had said. Clearly this Editor of the Trentonian Newspaper Must Go!

This type of rhetoric is unacceptable and will not be Tolerated. That's why I signed.


Jahleesa "I AM" Phelps & Dad