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Develop the vacant land (Owen Elementary school) into a dog park for Trenton residents

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Over the course of the summer, I wanted to come up with a solution for the Trenton community in regards to utilizing the vacant land on the corner of Grange and Harrison that stretches to Churchill Ave and is bordered by Woodmont Ave. For years, I have been told that this land would be developed into a condominium development. However, It has been 10 years since Owen Elementary has closed and we still see just a blank field. Then it occurred to me, we can use this field for dog park. Recently I had visited the dog park in Woodhaven on Hall Road, and I saw that it was an excellent establishment for the residents there. Our family has two dogs, an energetic Labrador named Sophie, and an Old English Bull Dog named Emma. As a long time resident of the community, I believe that most people will back me when I say "our Trenton lots are just too small for dogs to enjoy."Most of the individuals I know treat their pets like a member of the family, and our furry friends are also part of our community who would to run and play in that giant vacant field. With all that said, I know there might be some retaliation with this proposal, but I also see it as a solution that can get backing from most individuals in our neighborhood and community. Again, this is just an idea I had to make Trenton, Michigan an even better community to be a resident in. Please feel free to pitch forth more recommendations you deem plausible to have this dog park come into fruition! 

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