Pass-fail grading for end of term 2020

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With the suspension of all classes and most to all on-campus activities canceled,  now disruptions to most to all student's everyday lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is quickly sweeping through the world, I propose the opportunity for the students of both Trent campuses and online courses to be graded on a pass/fail bias for the winter 2020 term. Following what other schools in the province and out of the country such as, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in Ontario University of Toronto have already done. Other student bodies such as the one at Carleton University in Ottawa are lobbying for the same pass/fail policy for the winter 2020 term. That petition has already reached 3500 signatures as of March 22, showing great support for the policy.

The onset of a global pandemic has put a lot of students in positions of uncertainty for their academics, employment for the summer and healthwise among other uncertainties. With all due respect to the wonderful professors, we have at Trent, their efforts to move classes online have been tremendous though most do not deliver the same as they do in class. Their approaches may not be the best for most or some students who put the students in a position to fully comprehend and get the same level of knowledge they would in class. Implementing such a policy of pass/fail would be beneficial for most to all students who are struggling with the accessibility of the online material. I call on the Dean of each faculty to give the choice of either a standard number grade or a pass/fail grade.