Trees matters too. Save Damilag, Bukidnon Trees!

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I understand that road widening is important and makes human transportation more convenient. Sometimes this progress can also cause an environmental damage. An issue that is not well negotiated does not create a solution, rather, it will cause to bigger problems.  

It’s the freshness and cleanliness of Bukidnon that i always look forward to everytime i go home. This aspect is something that i am grateful for and proud of.

Most of my time is spent in the city because of my work and i like the idea of coming home and be able to get that calm feeling that the place has to offer.

Trees matters too! Recently, a news headline announced a road widening in my hometown and about to cut the trees along the road of the soon to be constructed highway. I believe these trees are not just part of the history but it also plays an important role in the community of Barangay Damilag. It does not just give off fresh air but it also casts shade which is a great place to take a rest. Not to mention, the Del Monte farmers waiting for their bus ride and cyclists/athletes having their water break during their trainings. That’s just one of the many reasons why we should keep these trees.

I am making this petition as a tool for saving those trees. It is a right for the citizens of this country to have a safe, fresh and clean air to breathe. Let’s make this a happen, sign the petition!