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Aldi, please add brakes to your trolleys

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I am appealing to everyone to get behind my petition to have brakes added to trolleys at Aldi stores and hopefully make other supermarkets take note of this problem. This is following an incident in which my son was nearly seriously injured.

I have two small children (3 and 2 years) and I also have cerebral palsy. This makes shopping a challenge when dealing with two small children and a trolley full of groceries.

However, it is even more difficult when Aldi trolleys are not fitted with brakes that would keep the trolley stationary when loading/unloading.

My local store in Oakham, Rutland also has a sloping car park. This means that myself and other customers have to rest the trolley against the car to stop it rolling away, which could potentially cause damage. Not only this, parents with young children often have to leave a child in the trolley while the other is put in the car.

As you can probably imagine, this leaves children at risk of rolling away into traffic or tipping over. This is what happened to my son. The trolley rolled away when he simply wriggled in the seat as I put my daughter in the car, and very nearly tipped over. Thankfully I managed to catch him in time, but the injuries that could be sustained are unthinkable.

You wouldn't leave a child in a pushchair without brakes, so why do Aldi expect us to leave our children in something that isn't safe and secure?

I have also received feedback from other people that have problems, such as the elderly and other disabled people. They find it difficult to keep hold of the trolley at the same time as lifting heavy bags into the car.

Aldi are taking steps to put straps in the trolleys, however they would be of little use if the child and trolley rolled away into a car, other people or tipped over.

Please help me make aldi listen.



Tree x

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