Help women in Burkina Faso to protect their trees and fight deforestation

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Between 2005 and 2015 Burkina Faso, in the drylands of Africa, lost over 10% of its forest land – an area big enough to fit almost 1.5 million football pitches. And today, forests are still disappearing at an alarming rate, having devastating effects on the lives of families who depend on their natural resources for basic survival. In a county were poverty is widespread, trees are being overused and quite often families have no choice but to cut down trees to sell and pay for food.

Crops and trees provide an essential source of food and income for families. The nutrient-rich produce that grows on trees can help feed a family for generations – protecting them from hunger and malnutrition – whilst fruits and nuts, like shea, can be turned into products to sell at market. But growing and gathering enough to feed the whole family and make a living is becoming increasingly hard due to the rise in deforestation.

TREE AID is teaching women like Somowaga (pictured above) how to protect the forests where they live by becoming volunteer Forest Guards. Women are being taught how to ensure the survival of their trees by patrolling the forests – making sure the trees are not being misused – and by educating others in their community about the long-term benefits and importance of protecting them.

In Burkina Faso, we are empowering women to protect their forests – giving them the skills they need to safeguard their trees today and for the future.

Stand with TREE AID Forest Guards and help to create thriving communities and forests in Burkina Faso. 

Add your name to our pledge and empower women to restore and protect the trees they rely on.

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