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Petitioning FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Treat the internet on my phone the same as the internet in my home

New Federal Communication Comission (FCC) rules do not do enough to prevent wireless carriers from charging extra to access various services such as Skype, Netflix, Facebook, etc. If you are one of millions of consumers in the United States who regularly accesses the Internet through a mobile carrier, these new rules may soon have an effect on your pocket book.

The FCC says that if it begins to witness unreasonable discrimination over wireless that it may impose additional rules as needed.

Wireless protections are necessary because many people, especially poor people, use their cell phones as their only internet connection.

The FCC must reexamine wireless protections and provide Wireless eQuality.

Letter to
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
When the FCC passed its Net Neutrality order a few short weeks ago, many of us felt that you didn't go far enough to protect those of us who access the Internet through our mobile devices.

Unfortunately, these fears have already been realized as mobile Internet service providers have begun to test the waters and explore new pricing models that would fundamentally alter users' experiences and, potentially, cause us all to have to pay more to access some of the content that we have become accustomed to. This is unacceptable. There is only one Internet, and we urge you to reconsider your order and take swift action to protect mobile Internet access.

The FCC must reexamine wireless protections and provide Wireless eQuality.