The Ski Industry Needs Your Support

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The $2.4 billion dollar ski industry needs your support.  With much of the alpine region already crippled by bushfires, the ski industry is now being forgotten by our federal politicians for their essential winter period.  It is understandable that winter seasonal workers and businesses may have been overlooked when eligibility for JobKeeper was introduced but they are now still refusing to listen.  Thousands of businesses associated with the the ski industry and many of the 12,000 employed in the region during winter are affected, with many businesses being forced to close or face crippling debts.   In NSW, the alpine region will be closed to people without lift tickets and lift tickets will be reduced by at least 50% according to the resorts.  There will be no visitation for people coming to the area just to have 'fun in the snow'.

The resorts are doing what they can.  The NSW government is doing what it can. The ATO has been excellent in trying to supply answers but  simply do not know them... BUT the Federal government is ignoring us.  Businesses are struggling to get staff to be eligible for JobKeeper because their staff were not employed as of 1st March.  Summer seasonal businesses are fine as the coronavirus outbreak was during the summer period.  They suffered badly but at least received JobKeeper support.  With huge costs in setting up for the winter season and with large operations costs in cold climates just to open, business are faced with employing staff and opening, and then fighting for the crumbs of people who were able to secure one of the limited lift passes.  It is a lottery.  The winter seasonal businesses and workers are being left out in the cold.

We are just asking one simply request of the Federal Government.  To open up JobKeeper to the ski industry and allow the eligibility for seasonal workers in the ski industry to start from the 1st of June.. with all other business eligibility still applying.

With the government over estimating the JobKeeper costs, you would think it is an easy decision to support the winter seasonal business in the same manner it has the summer businesses.  

Please support our small businesses and seasonal workers by signing this petition to assist all those suffering from the lack of government support and insist they support the winter seasonal businesses and workers.  

For those living in the Eden Monaro electorate, you can also support the cause by voting according to whether or not the Government comes to our assistance in the upcoming bi-election on July 4.