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Trayvon's Law

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Stanley E. Amos, M.Div.
Jackson, Mississippi 39213

July 15, 2013


Many, nationally and internationally, are outraged by the sickening and senseless murder of Trayvon Benjamin Martin. We are equally outraged about the “not guilty” verdict. Organized rallies around the nation are symptomatic of what we think and feel in our minds and hearts. I firmly believe the rallies are a necessary expression and catharsis to aid in our state of sadness, disbelief, frustration and anger. I also believe that beyond the rallies, we must take the imperative action to seek a remedy. I propose this remedy to be entitled “Trayvon’s Law.”

Moving from rally to remedy, the initial strategy entails organizing a body consisting of at least four (4) or more entities. It is imperative to bring together the very best legal and political minds as well as the most effective strategist and organizers. First, the legal entity will comprehensively and critically analyze the Zimmerman case beginning with the mindset of Zimmerman to the reading of the verdict. It is imperative to consider what went wrong legally with this case as well as what is missing in current law that should be included to prevent this going forward. The legal entity will establish the language for Trayvon’s Law for the purpose of lobbying Congress for passage of a Federal law applicable at State level. Second, the political entity will develop an effective strategy to present and lobby Congress for the purpose of passage. The strategy must include the collaboration with like-minded legislators as well as an extensive media campaign. Third, a financial team must be established. The purpose will be, among other fiduciary responsibilities, to establish a national and international fundraiser. Funds will be used for the expressed purpose of financing expenditures required to implement Trayvon’s Law strategy. Fourth, the Communications team must be established. This team’s purpose will be primarily to educate the public on the status of establishing Trayvon’s Law and about opportunities for public involvement. The establishment of a communications system should involve maximum and effective usage of social media.

Now is the time to act from inception to completion of Trayvon’s Law. We must not rest until Trayvon’s Law is a reality. We can no longer tolerate the injustices levied against us. We can no longer tolerate the devaluing of African-American lives. While this verdict makes it crystal clear that the current laws at work do not work for us, it begs the question, how long will we continue to argue that the laws were never designed to defend and protect us. We are at an amazing point in African-American history. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must make sure it is not a repetitive point. NOW IS THE TIME. If the laws exist, ENFORCE THE LAWS…! If the laws are inadequate, CHANGE THE LAWS…! If the laws are unfair and biased, REPEAL THE LAWS…! If the laws are reasonable, APPLY THE LAWS EQUALLY…! If there are disparities in the way justice is meted out, CHANGE THE JUSTICE SYSTEM …! If laws required to protect and defend us is non-existent, ESTABLISH NEW LAWS …! Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin and others can no longer speak for themselves. We must speak for them. Let us act now before another black person is racially profiled and their voice is senselessly silenced without consequences. So, today let us rally with maximum participation. Tomorrow, let us seek to stop this senseless cycle and establish Trayvon’s Law with unwavering determination and maximum involvement.

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