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Travis's Justice

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CAUSE TRAVIS NEEDS JUSTICE......we want a new coroner to review his case and also we feel that there should be a bolistic expert who can review the case. All we want is justice and a fair trial I do not feel that they did there job's to the utmost and that if someone else were to review the case it would go to trial we would hope that the bci coroner can review the case or someone from the ohio attorney general's office and see if they have a coroner to review it.  We do not feel that anything was done with the interest of the victim they only believed what the suspect said and did not even look at the evidence to take it seriously.  We feel they dismissed travis like he was nothing and all we want is a trial. Please sign this petition if you feel it needs to go to trial as well......Thank you

I pray you will find it in your heart to tell people everywhere about these petitions, the one is to get my son Travis justice and th other is to make sure gang members or the wrong person cant use a good law, the castle doctrine was made to protect people not for gang members to use to get by with murder, I dont want another family to through what my family and I are goin through to try to get justice for my son and to get the castle doctrine to change just a little so gangs and the wrong person cant use it by screaming self defense, we need to stop this violence,we need to pull together and show THESE GANGS WE ARE NOT AFRAID,Travis was only 19 when he was shot in the back and killed,he had his whole life ahead of him and no matter what the circumstances was,he should never been killed and there is so many more victims out there that is dead cause of gangs,everyone thinks its never going to happen in their family,WAKE UP..CAUSE I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN IN MINE..I go though pain,misery and I cry everyday,I will not stop tryin to get justice for my son Travis,I m in grief groups that you cant be in unless you got a murdered child,you dont want to be in these groups, you dont want your family or someone you know to be in these groups,you hear so many sad storys about how their children got murdered ,its so sad ,they are a comfort to me but I wish I could turn back time for all of us to take the pain from these parents too,my heart aches for them PLEASE TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THESE PETITIONS...LETS STOP THE VIOLENCE, LETS STOP THE GANGS AND THE WRONG PERSON FROM USING THE CASTLE DOCTRINE THAT IS TO PROTECT US NOT SO THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER..


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