To have a CDQ of UFO officially released.

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First off I want to start by saying ASTROWORLD IS INCREDIBLE. Everything from the production to the hooks to the features, it’s all goes together prefectly. Definitely worth the wait but the reason why I’m hear is because we the community have been feining over this album for years and because of that we’ve been listening to a lot of unofficial leaks to get our La Flame fix. Now as a fan I obviously was excited for new music in Astroworld but apart of me has come to love some of the leaks and one of those is UFO/Smell of money. Which is a song I’ve been literally praying would make it on Astroworld. Now I’m here asking, pleading, praying this we can get an official release, hopefully Travis or Mike or Epic will see this and help us out, ragers have been waiting. Thanks for your time and always greetings, from ASTROWORLD.