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Travis County DA's Office Do Not Dismiss the murder of Trevon Fox as Black on Black crime

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On March 16, 2017, my grandson, Trevon Fox, a 26 year old Black male was MURDERED in Austin, TX in broad daylight the victim of an alleged robbery  There was a witness to this murder who may have been an accomplice to the murder. This victim reportedly gave law enforcement a statement that led to an arrest warrant being issued for the suspect. The murder suspect De'Andre E. Connor, also a Black male fled the murder scene on foot, but reportedly turned himself into law enforcement several days later. Connor, who had other criminal charges pending was booked into jail for murder but has remained free on a $1000,00 bail bond that was posted several days after he surrendered to police. 

This case against Connor was scheduled to go before the grand jury for indictment, but was continued several times and then set before the Court for further proceedings the week of August 7th. However, a call to the Clerk of Courts by the victims's mother to verify the date and time of this hearing led to the discovery that the case against Connor had been dismissed, without any notification to the victim's family by the Travis County District Attorney's Office or the Travis County Victim's Advocate Office. Representatives of these two offices had previously been in contact with the victim's mother and other family members and were in receipt of all pertinent contact information for the family, which the assigned prosecutor denied after the family learned of dismissal of the case. 

Although at the time of his death, Trevon Fox was not found to have any type of weapon in his possession, was not found to have any illegal substances in his system and also was not found to be in possession of any drugs or drug paraphernalia, the CBS Austin, Texas News reported that " the shooting was drug related," according to reports they received from the Travis County Sheriff's Department. As a result of this report the Victim's Advocate Office denied a financial assistance application submitted by the family for assistance with burial expenses, which caused undue financial burden and out of pocket expenses to our grieving family. 

Trevon's voice was silenced the night, he was tragically murdered leaving behind his Parent's, Grandparents, a son,  two daughters, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, and a host of other family members and friends that love him dearly and we are appalled by remarks made by the assigned prosecutor who not only showed his bias against people of color in his statement about how he was sorry for our loss, but unfortunately this kind of incident occurs frequently among the Black and Mexican communities, but who also stated that based on what he viewed as the victim's extensive criminal record he didn't feel he could win this case. Which in the family's opinion further showed his prejudice against the victim as no one deserves to be murdered even if they have a prior criminal history. (But for the record Trevon had several misdemeanor charges and one felony charge that the Iowa Court of Appeals reversed, remanded and ordered the lower court to vacate).  

We the undersigned are speaking on Trevon's behalf.  We the undersigned believe that the Travis County District Attorney's Office dismissed this case in error due to the bias of the assigned prosecutor. We are asking that the case be reassigned, extensively reviewed and new charges be filed against the perpetrator. We are asking for Justice for Trevon Fox- not based on race, creed, ethnicity, or biased opinions. 

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