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Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg: Resign as District Attorney

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Travis County could stand to earn over $8.7 million from the arrests issued for driving while intoxicated in 2012, figures which have earned the highest rate of DWI arrests per population in Texas. Now the DA herself was arrested, after putting many motorists in danger by swerving all over the road, and plans to not step down?! Something isn't right here...

Here are the details surrounding her arrest:
Resident Mark Weston called deputies at about 10:45 p.m. after seeing a 2001 Lexus swerving in and out of a bike lane for about one mile on the southbound side of FM 620 near RM 2222.

"For awhile I could see her and she looked confused like she was lost, and that is what I thought," Weston said in an interview with YNN.

As Lehmberg’s driving became more erratic, Weston grew concerned and called 911.

He told deputies he observed the Lexus drive into oncoming traffic while approaching Comanche Trail. The Lexus then pulled to the side of the road in front of St. Luke’s Church near the 5600 block of FM 620.

Deputies arrived and discovered the suspect—Lehmberg—in possession of an open container of vodka in the passenger seat.

In the affidavit, Deputy J. Ribsam describes Lehmberg as moderately intoxicated with bloodshot, watery and glassy eyes. According to the deputy, Lehmberg appeared “excited,” “insulting,” “cocky,” yet “cooperative.” Further, the subject was described as disoriented with slurred speech. She was also seen swaying and staggering.

During an attempted horizontal gaze exam, Ribsam said the DA “would not keep her head still and follow the light to complete the test.” Lehmberg then informed the deputy she refused further vision testing.

During a walk-and-turn test, the 63-year-old veteran prosecutor lost her balance and did not follow instructions as directed by investigators. Lehmberg again told Ribsam she would not complete any more testing as she declined to stand on one leg.

Deputies said Lehmberg told them she had taken 20MG of Propanolol, a prescription drug for high-blood pressure. Pharmacists do not recommend drinking while on the medication.

Lehmberg also admitted to having two vodka drinks earlier in the evening.

“I got arrested for driving while intoxicated last night and I made a big mistake and I’m sorry,” Lehmberg said, standing barefoot in her driveway as reporters crowded around. “I hope people in the community will forgive me for that, and I ask their forgiveness for that. I guess I’m fortunate that nobody got hurt.”

She said she went out and had an “evening,” drank too much and got arrested. Lehmberg said she has no plans to resign, noting her office does not handle first-offense DWIs. She said the incident does not indicate she’s not competent to do her job.

Let's get a DA in office that is ready to clean up the streets, not be part of the problem!!!

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