Petition Update

Petition and Jury Demand filed for Rosemary Lehmberg's Removal

Beth S
Cedar Park, TX

Apr 19, 2013 — Read the petition here:

As stated, her actions after her arrest were even worse than originally reported as well:
Upon information and belief, Lehmberg was transported to the Traivs County Jail for booking. At the booking station, Lehmberg was highly combative, attempting to kick and spit at officers, screaming curse words as well as yelling “Call Greg!”, likely a reference to Sheriff Greg Hamilton. She was placed in an isolation room but continued to be physically belligerent. She was removed from the isolation room and strapped to a restraint chair. A spit restraint was fastened to Lehmberg’s face. She was then placed
back in the isolation room. She was so belligerent that the magistrate judge refused to magistrate her until she calmed down.