All West Midlands public transport to require 3 point seat belts

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Public transport is very popular choice of travel for people of all ages. But unfortunately, Travel Express West Midlands busses in particular, don't have any seat belts to minimise injury when the driver presses on the break or during a collision.

For the first time since I have been using public transport within the West Midlands, today, I used a bus that had seat belts provided. But this bus was an iGo bus, not Travel Express West Midlands. Whenever the break was pressed by the driver neither myself or my 5 year old child was thrown forward or had any jolting around because we was safe and secure, wearing the seat belts provided.

Numerous times I have been jolted off guard just due to when the driver presses the break. Not only is this irritating, it can sometimes hurt. It doesn't bare thinking about what could happen during a collision, not just to myself but young children too. 

Please sign this petition, so people who use public transport within the West Midlands will now have a choice when it comes to vehicle safety. Thank you.