Athabasca County and Alberta Government must fix our roads and Highways in Frains area

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Our roads are in the worst shape ever.  Our residents, at times, can't get to doctors, school, work and emergencies.  Many residents are damaging their vehicles on these roads.  Many have gotten their vehicles stuck, and some have come near to bad accidents.  Over the past few years many residents of the North Buck Lake, Frains, Blue Heron Estates and surrounding area have called, emailed, mailed and spoken to our councillors, MLAs and the Director of Infrastructure for Athabasca County.  Those communications have fallen on deaf ears.  Residents of this community are no longer going to accept mediocre temporary fixes, or excuses from our elected officials and our county.  Our road conditions have become a serious safety hazard.  We demand answers and resolutions!  We pay taxes which keep rising and we see nothing for the money we pay!!!

It is not only our County roads either! Alberta Provincial Highway No. 855 is a highway in the province of Alberta, Canada. It runs south-north from Highway 9 west of Hanna to Highway 55 and Highway 63 in Atmore. It provides access to rural areas, and is gravel at both its south and north ends. At 389 km it is the longest 500-986 series highway in Alberta. This road is also in great disrepair and impassable during rainy days as well as dry days.  Alberta Government needs to keep this highway upkept!!