Grass Verge Cutting

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The residents of The Brambles, Hedgelea, Briar and Berryfields, Newtownabbey ask that the grass verges within the local area, adopted by Transport NI (the sole Road Authority in Northern Ireland, responsible for public roads, footways, bridges, and street lights) be cut according to the agreed schedule of 5 cuts per annum at 30 day intervals commencing April.

Their failure to follow this schedule, which is still current on the TransportNI website, has resulted in overgrown verges that attract dog fouling, litter dropping, weed spreading and an overall "downtrodden" appearance to the otherwise well-kept area.

The residents are currently making an effort to tidy these areas themselves but this is not sustainable, nor do the residents have public liability insurance, health and safety training, amenities to dispose of the waste easily or industrial equipment, not to mention time!