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Re-write TSA screening policies for breast pumps and breast milk

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Every working, breastfeeding, traveling mother has a story: the TSA agent who dumped out her breast milk, or who insisted on sticking an unexplained “test strip” into her breast milk, so she ended up dumping it herself. The TSA agent who disassembled her entire pump, touching every part with gloves that had touched a thousand other travelers that day. The TSA agent who made her cry. The TSA agent who broke her breast pump, rendering it unusable.

A breast pump is a medical device, and breastmilk is already classified as "liquid medication." Yet in practice, the TSA is notoriously inconsistent in how it treats new mothers traveling with pumps and milk. The root problem is that the guidelines are vague and subject to wide interpretation by screening agents who are likely to have little to no personal experience with breastfeeding.

In order to solve this problem once and for all, the TSA needs to convene a panel of lactation consultants and women who are traveling or have traveled regularly with a breast pump and breastmilk. This group can inform a sensible, safe, and specific set of guidelines, and can help the TSA develop appropriate training and screening methods that keep all travelers safe while recognizing breast pumps as the medical equipment they are, and breastmilk as a necessary "liquid medication" that should not be tampered with by agents.

Women make up 47% of the American workforce, and breastfeeding rates are on the rise. Women traveling with breast pumps and breastmilk are not an anomaly; they're part of the fabric of daily life in America. TSA should invest in hearing from women with direct breastfeeding and flying experience in order to develop procedures that work for everyone involved. The result will be healthier babies, happier travelers, fewer delays, and a better-equipped TSA workforce.

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