OBJECT to the parking restrictions planned for Honeypot Lane

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  • Brent Council are planning to introduce yellow no-parking lines on one side of Honeypot Lane all the way from Morrisons to Tesco Express

  • If it goes through - it will mean no parking between 8am and 6:30pm

  • Brent Council think this will improve the safety of Honeypot Lane.

  • We think it will make Honeypot Lane one-step closer to becoming like the A406 North Circular

We think this is completely the wrong thing to do, because it makes fast-moving cars and lorries more important than the residents of Honeypot Lane. The grounds for our objection are as follows:

  1. The area of Honeypot Lane covered by the proposed restrictions are completely residential. Residents should not be prevented from parking their cars outside where they live, especially where there is no alternative.

  2. Residents have been parking their cars outside their houses in the areas covered by the proposals, some for several decades without any restrictions. The safety of the road has not been a problem for decades. It does not make sense that there is now a need for restrictions in areas where there have been no restrictions and parked cars during the daytime for a very long time.

  3. Residents of the Honeypot Lane have noticed that ever since an increase in the number of parked cars between Morrisons and Princes Avenue in the last 12 months, the traffic using the road is much more careful and conscientious than it used to be. So instead, far from reducing the safety of the road, the increase in the number of parked cars in the currently unrestricted areas has actually increased the overall safety of the road, which the proposed restrictions will reverse.

  4. Brent Council's plans to introduce daytime parking restrictions will  increase the volume and speed of traffic in a completely residential area of Honeypot Lane, which goes contrary to all sensible policies to reduce the amount of traffic and pollution in our communities. The proposed parking restrictions will increase traffic, which will in turn increase pollution and reduce safety for residents, cyclists and pedestrians on Honeypot Lane.

  5. Residents have noticed a significant increase in the number of heavy construction vehicles using Honeypot Lane during the daytime over the last few years. This is due to the presence of a business located on Honeypot Lane north of Queensbury Circle which provides hundreds of tipper-trucks for hire by the day. This results in hundreds of these "monster trucks"  driving through the same residential parts of Honeypot Lane covered by the Council's proposals - all day, every day. These trucks drive at considerable speed and due to their heavy nature they cause the homes to shudder and vibrate particularly in the stretch of road between Morrisons and Rose Bates Drive. The recent increase in parked vehicles over the last year has caused these monster trucks to slow down and drive more carefully and has provided welcome relief to the residents who have suffered this "house shake" phenomenon for a long time. The council's parking restriction proposals will exacerbate "house shaking" due to heavy vehicles driving at speed along the residential parts of Honeypot Lane.

To be clear, we have no problems with the proposals for double-yellow line restrictions close to the pedestrian refuge islands (The Schedule 1 proposals), we believe that they are sensible. But we object to the Schedule 2 proposals for the all of the reasons given above, which are due to the fact that the parts of Honeypot Lane covered by the proposed restrictions are much more densely residential than they used to be. Brent Council should respect and accept this fact, which will become more prevalent over time as the demand and supply of new housing rises. The Council's proposals in Schedule 2 are punitive to the residents who live in the area covered by them along several dimensions:  health, safety, well-being and economic, and THEY SHOULD BE WITHDRAWN.

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