Forest Lake Bus Route Review

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Commuters of Forest Lake, Queensland and surrounds are calling for further funding for more buses services to service the Forest Lake, Pallara and Heathwood area.

According to the 2016 Census the population in Forest Lake and surrounds have increased by approximately 0.02% or approximately 400 people as compared to 2011 Census. 

Around 2010 the Brisbane City Council reviewed bus services and cut the 461 bus service which was an express service due to residents not using it and other buses run similar routes. Currently the area is serviced by the following routes 460, 100, 118 and the Springfield Train network.

In particular, the 118 is a popular bus route as it takes under an hour to get home. However, only runs during peak hours. Main issues facing this bus route is other commuters from areas along the route (and where buses run more frequent) jump on board and Forest Lake and surrounding residents are left behind at bus stops and or buses simply just do not show up.

Residents are calling for a review of bus services to be considered and more 118 routes put on to better service Forest Lake, Pallara and Heathwood.