Dvla unfit for purpose

Dvla unfit for purpose

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Transport Secretary

Why this petition matters

Started by Jackie Hemingsley

I'm petitioning for the transport Secretary to declare the DVLA unfit for purpose, due to the Industrial Action. 

Drivers and learners are waiting months for their licenses to be processed,for renewal of licenses. Examples like medical reasons, over 70, provisional licenses and other reasons. 

The delays in the DVLA is causing stress and severe hardship, people who are losing jobs, lively hoods, causing economic hardship and stress due to the strike action at the DVLA. 

IThe proposal is for the UK Government, is to employ and train agency staff to deal with the back log of license applications and get this mess sorted.

For the DVLA to be held accountable for the delays and stress it's causing to people.

For the Transport Secretary, to act and declare the DVLA unfit for purpose. 

94 have signed. Let’s get to 100!