Life jackets for children on Sydney Ferries

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Did you know there are currently no child sized life jackets on any Sydney Ferries? I recently asked a crew member where the child sized life jackets were kept, so that in the unlikely event of an emergency I knew where to get them for the children in my care. He informed me that they didn’t exist. I questioned him future about what I was supposed to do in an emergency and he told me to put an ADULT life jacket on a CHILD, but he also informed me that the captain and crew have been asking for child sized ones for years.

On the Transport NSW website, they are proudly discussing  $52.2 billion developments to infrastructure. Why cant some of this $52.2 billion be used to keep children safe?

Currently Sydney ferries have a total of 32 boats in their fleet. These boats have a total passenger capacity of 13 387 (if my maths is correct). Every ferry is equip with enough life jackets for each boats capacity PLUS 10% extra. These jackets are suitable for a minimum weight of 40kgs. That is nearly 15 000 life jackets for adults, so why are there no jackets for children? 

In the event of an emergency children are the most vulnerable, and the most likely to panic. You can teach/talk to an adult about what to do in an emergency. You can talk an adult through the concept of floating or treading water. But children go to swimming lessons for months before they are able to grasp the concept of floating. It also risks the lives of the careers as if they are anything like me, they would do everything within their power to keep the children alive. If you're in the water carrying the weight of one child, or possible 2+ the likelihood of you drowning yourself increases dramatically.

My job as a nanny is to keep children safe. This means I do all the right things when catching public transport. Younger children are strapped into the pram, even if they don't want to be. Older children hold my hand. We all concentrate. We all keep our eyes and ears ‘switched on’. We sit down, we hold onto railings and keep our feet on the ground. But how can I keep them completely safe if the government wont help me by providing something I thought was an essential and a legal requirement? 

I don't want this to take a child, or several children dying in a freak accident for something to change. Life Jackets save lives, and children's lives matter most.