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Free public transport for all primary school children

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It is my understanding that regardless of the age of your year 3 child, they are expected to walk to school independently. 

Before year 3, they are able to obtain a free bus pass and opal card to travel to and from school, once they reach year 3 these get cancelled and they are expected to walk anywhere up to 2km to school. 

Now for 7-11 year old children this isn't reasonable. I am from a small country town, my children catch the bus right across the road from our house I start work on most days at 9am and they leave the bus stop around 820am I have to travel 43km to work which takes 40mins. Now I might be sounding selfish but I am not the only parent that is in this situation. The school doesn't provide supervision before 830am and expecting your child in any circumstance to be able to walk 2km to school, across railway tracks, around many corners, up various hills, across a Main Road and highways etc isn't reasonable. 

And that isn't including what children have to do in the city to get to school! Busy highways, traffic lights, hundreds of people surrounding them etc! 

This petition is to get free travel for all primary age students, they cannot be expected to:

1. Know the way to school

2. Walk 2km (specially if they are a smaller built child)

3. Cross roads unsupervised

4. Get to school safely 

5. Be able to use traffic lights alone 

6. Understand the importance of road safety and be aware of their surroundings 

7. Be able to navigate themselfs in the right direction 

8. Avoid other people that may cause harm to them in any which way 

9. Know how to safely use a railway crossing 

10. Know what to do in an emergency situation

With the increasing number of primary aged students being abducted, or attempt of abdution whilst walking alone to and from school you would think that primary aged students would be offered a safer alternative to get to and from school. These kids are our future, so right now we need to protect them to the best of our ability. 

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