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The pre-paid taxi service between Howrah station and Sealdah station is very inconsistent. A passenger is forced to pay an exorbitant price of Rs.500 at times when the actual meter fare will be less than Rs.60.

Thee taxi drivers refuse to ply on regular roads and take longer routes. The passengers are forced to pay more even when they are dropped far away from their destination on the pretext that taxis are not allowed to go on the by lanes.

Sign my petition to Madan Mitra, Transport Minister, West bengal asking him to rein in the errant taxi drivers and install a proper monitoring system.

Letter to
Transport Minister, Government of West Bengal Madan Mitra, Transport Minister, Government of West Bengal
Jt Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shri S. Sarkar
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Madan Mitra, Transport Minister, Government of West Bengal.

Pre-paid taxi booths at Howrah stn must provide service to Sealdah stn.

If the pre-paid taxi booth at Howrah station doesn't provide service to Sealdah station, one is forced to book a taxi to Sealdah at an exorbitant price (sometimes they charge as high as Rs 500 when the actual meter fare would be less than Rs 60).

The red slip issued from the pre-paid booth is supposed to be handed over to the taxi driver after the completion of the journey. But at Howrah Station pre-paid booth, most taxi drivers refuse to start the journey if you do not hand over the red slip to them beforehand.

If the passenger is forced to give away the red slip at the beginning, the taxi driver many a times does the following:
1) Pressurize the passenger to pay more amount and take a route which they demand to be faster but longer since the shorter route is traffic-jam-prone according those corrupt taxi drivers.
2) Deny to go beyond a point telling that the pre-paid taxi can go only on main roads and is not supposed to go to the lanes even though normal meter taxis ply through these lanes.