Need Transport & Main Roads to be responsible, build the Left Turn Lane @ Moresby Rd.

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We have Built a New Fruit Market on Moresby Rd that turns off Bruce H/way at Northern end of Moresby Qld and doesn't have a left turn out lane and they want us to Pay to build this on there State/Fed highway.

Firstly we can't afford it as our life savings have gone into building this Market place over the past 12 months, plus we lost every thing in the March flood last year at the Frog on Banana north of Innisfail and received no help from our local or state governments with any clean up help or funding as we lived and work out side flood help zones! So we moved to our block and built a market high and dry.

And secondly we already have a southern turn in lane into Moresby that allows the North bound Traffic to turn in Safely. But they say if cars miss this turn they will turn at the northern end of  Moresby. This is a Main roads problem not ours,it should've been there already as many others use this turn to get to the other business's in this lovely small town.  This is a turn off the h/way into a small town, not into our property!

We want locals and people from all over that drive and use our roads and H/ways to please sign this petition,even put your registration number down. And we will be VERY grateful for your help.

Kind Regards, Robert & Sopha