A petition for Na Fianna GAA Club to be untouched and effected from the Dublin Metro.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

Na Fianna GAA will be losing football pitches including their main pitch. 2000 kids play here weekly along with hundreds of kids 4-7 in the nursery on the weekend. This all could go on for 6 years. The GAA family including Croke Park plan to help out, but that might not be enough. Na Fianna GAA is at serious risk. Imagine if it was your club. 6 years is far too long, could possibly ruin a club. The metro line has to be changed or diverted because too many people, clubs, houses, pitches and more are at stake. This is coming from an outsider of Na Fianna GAA club, because with just them signing the petition, it won't be enough. Help out Na Fianna, if you wouldn't want it on your local club, then please sign and raise awareness.