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Refurbish and reopen Glebe Island Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

  • It will create another public space for Sydney connected to the harbour
  • It makes the inner west less car dependent and therefore promotes a healthier lifestyle for all people in Sydney
  • It promotes the livability of communities around Rozelle & Blackwattle Bay by improving the 'bay walk' around Rozelle Blackwattle bays and connecting them to other walks and rides in the area
  • It improves the safety of cyclists and pedestrians using narrow path ways across ANZAC Bridge and its approaches
  • It would improve the safety of marine traffic
  • It would complement the development of White Bay power station as a public space
  • It preserves a bridge of historic interest and add to the industrial beauty of the area,
  • It would promote tourism in Sydney especially if coupled with a suitable redevelopment of White Bay power station
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  • Roads Minister, NSW Government
    Duncan Gay

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