TFL: please sort out Tube noise on Acton Street & Frederick Street caused by tracks joints

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Dear neighbour,

As you have probably noticed, the noise coming from the exposed tube tracks on both sides of Acton Street has materially worsened since last year. Every time a Circle/Hammersmith & City/Metropolitan tube carriage heads northbound (doesn’t affect southbound tracks) from Farringdon to King’s Cross St Pancras, that is about every 2 minutes every day from 5:30 am to about 12:30am, we hear a loud and echoing “clickety-clack” noise caused by a insulated rail joint which seems to be just before or underneath the C20 bridge (Acton Street) and that is in need of maintenance. This noise developed in the course of 2019, is loud, abnormal, and way above and beyond any other Tube noise that we’ve experienced historically in the area.

TFL has looked into the situation but claims the tracks conditions in the area haven't changed for years based on vibration data that aren't directly related to noise emission, that the joints are of the newest type and as a consequence doesn't want to really address the issue. Its position is to say nothing can be done to remediate it until the whole tracks and signalling system is changed years from now. It is a real disgrace as the noise used to be perfectly tolerable back in early 2019 so what we want is a repair or replacement of the joint under the Acton Street bridge to revert it back to its previous condition. In the meantime we cannot open our windows or even live peacefully in our flats without this permanent noise aggression which impacts our well-being, our sleep, and the value of our properties. 

If you've been a resident of Acton Street or Frederick Street for a couple of years or more, please sign this petition and share your comments on the worsening of the noise levels to correct TFL's wrong assessment that nothing has changed and hence there's nothing to be fixed. If you've just joined our neighbourhood more recently, please sign this petition, and compel TFL to reduce noise levels to acceptable threshold - currently way above the noise pollution levels established by the WHO. 

Please also leave a “Noise and vibration” complaint on the TFL website, at the following web address: (specify in the free text box that this issue is related to residential noise). TFL makes no mystery they address in priority issues that collect more complaints. 

Complain also to Andrew Dismore, our representative at the London Assembly at, who is aware of the matter too.

Many thanks in advance for making our neighborhood quieter and healthier