TFL: please sort out Tube noise on Acton Street & Frederick Street caused by tracks joints

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Hi all,

Thanks for your support to the petition and your testimonies. Other critical actions you can initiate to help, beyond complaining to TFL, are:

  • sharing your complaint with Andrew Dismore from the London Assembly ( and Keir Starmer (in his MP for Camden capacity, at Both have been reactive and sympathetic (although for now unable to really move the needle with TFL - but things may be about to change) as the more complaints they hear, the more leverage they are likely have with TFL.
  • compelling your neighbours to also complain to TFL. The volume of individual complaints they receive is directly correlated with their willingness to intervene on any matters
  • demanding that TFL send an engineer to measure noise & vibration levels in your premises, like they are obligated to do by their own policies

I believe there's hope as TFL's primary argument not to intervene is to dispute that the noise levels have increased over the years. So if nothing has changed, then there is nothing to be fixed... This is a wholly dishonest statement. I have placed a Freedom of Information request to obtain the tracks vibration measurements (a surrogate for noise, although it does not take into account the geometry of the trench where the tracks are and the amplification that it provides to sound) that TFL is regularly collecting, and meant to be their evidence supporting not only the absence of change, but even the improvement over the past years (in a direct communication to Mr Dismore). Obviously in direct contradiction with the residents' experience, which really amounts to gaslighting us. The data I've received from TFL earlier this month show a clear and steady increase in maximum vibration levels from the tracks just under the Acton street bridge since at least January 2017, correlating with a 2x to 2.8x increase in sound intensity between now and then... 

TFL needs to replace the well-identified joints causing the noise - not to remove them, which is impossible indeed with the current signalling system and another flawed logic shortcut TFL seems to be using to justify the impossibility to intervene - to restore them to their previous conditions.

Thank you,

Adrien Lemoine

Adrien Lemoine
11 months ago