TFL: please sort out Tube noise on Acton Street & Frederick Street caused by tracks joints

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caroline halpin
Aug 21, 2020
Hi, I have just recieved a reply from TFL which dismisses my concerns see below:
Transport for London Transport
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Ref: 15130990
21 August 2020

Dear Ms Halpin

Thanks for getting in touch last week about the noise and vibrations from the passing Tube trains. I’m very sorry for the impact these have been having on your household.

I’ve logged your feedback as an official complaint. We’ve had concerns from other local residents, but sadly, my understanding is that the noise and vibrations are a result of the trains passing over the rail joints which can’t be removed, as they form an integral part of the signalling system.

We’ve never had any instances where our passing trains have caused either cosmetic or structural damage to properties, as the vibrations generated by our trains are simply far too low. As a result, it is highly unlikely that there is any correlation between the vibrations and the plaster falling from your walls. However, we acknowledge how disturbing the noise can be, and for this we apologise.

Regretfully, it doesn’t appear that there is a great deal our engineers can do in the short term to improve the situation. That said, I believe that the signalling system is being upgraded within the next couple of years, so the rail joints may be able to be removed once the upgrade is complete.

I realise that this response will be disappointing, and I’m sorry that I’m not replying with better news. Your complaint has been fully registered, so if I learn of any developments, or potential plans to address the issue, I’ll happily update you accordingly.

I’d like to apologise again for any upset or distress that the noise and vibrations are causing.

Kind regards

Derek Wilson

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I am in the basement Flat A, 12-14 ACTON STREET and I have lived here for 16 years. The train noise has got dramatically worse very recently and I can hear all the trains now instead of just the few fast ones before. This is problematic at night as the rumbling keeps me awake. I am very unhappy with the tfl response and I will try and contact the architect owner of no 10 Acton street in case he can help. Last year he had to reinforce his building wall to stop it from falling into the train track in the abyss below.
Kind regards
Caroline Halpin

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Leoni Externest
Aug 14, 2020
Recently moved into a flat on Acton Street but previously lived just off Frederik Street and have noticed the huge increase in noise pollution. I strongly believe there has been a significant change as stated in this petition and would really appreciate for this to be considered.