TfL Central Line - Bring Forward DTUP (Deep Tube Upgrade Program)

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For several years now the Central Line has become increasingly unreliable, constant delays, track and train failures and more often than not closure to large chunks of the line.

The increasing load on the line due to more travellers and the weather in the UK has also made it unbearable to travel on the Central Line due to lack of Air Flow or Air Conditioning, we are being informed that new fully air conditioned rolling stock will be available in 2030...... a full 12 years away, temperatures are 30 to 40 degrees plus. With these types of temperatures it is illegal to transport live stock in the UK but is fine for human beings to be huddled into a metal carriage deep underground to travel.

We ask that the Deep Tube Upgrade Program be significantly brought forward for the Central Line and further investment made on this line to resolve signal and train failures.