#respectyourbusdrivers - STOP the abuse London's bus drivers are getting daily!

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Both my mum and my dad drive buses for a living in London. I have seen first hand how the amount of abuse and grief that bus drivers receive is now at an all time high (I'm talking specifically here in London). Drivers across London are threatened by members of the public on daily basis for simple reasons like being late or accidentally closing the door whilst they are getting off the bus. Whilst bus drivers are not like police officers etc they are still on the front line and have to deal with the hundreds that use the bus network, they are not simply paid enough to receive the amount of abuse that they get. Bus drivers are isolated and must deal with these situations on their own until assistance from the emergency services arrive. London would not be London without the red buses, it is a vital part of what makes London work and bus drivers do not attend work to be threatened, abused and even assaulted. Then when drivers do seek assistance from the emergency services they can take a very lengthy time to respond.

Whenever the tube goes down and the trains are up the pan who is there to help and take the extra loads....the buses, even if they are late they will always put effort in to be there and assist in every way they can. 

I'm disgusted with what I have seen from fellow Londoners over my nearly 19 years and do believe that something needs to change, or even more protection for our bus drivers, I do understand that in rare cases there are different scenario's but no body no matter what the circumstances should have to deal with this. We need to stop this constant and forever getting worse situation across our capital city, so help me get the protection we need for our Bus Drivers and help me make London's bus network that much safer! Share the #respectyourdriver

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